Oral Systemic Balance Therapy

Daytime Therapy

OSB Introduces Daytime Therapy

Day time therapy is part of OSB Orthotic Therapies since maintenance of an open throat is not just a night issue, even though treatment of OSA and related symptoms has up until now been focused on nighttime concerns. There are many serious day symptoms associated with snoring and OSA. If there is obstruction of the throat when we relax at night, it is to be expected that day time problems will also exist. The structure and form of the throat are present 24 hours a day, we are just not able to adapt to these problems at night as well as we do in the day. Specially designed unobtrusive day time orthotics have had marked benefit for many OSA and other sleep disordered breathing patients.

Clinical Results Of OSB Therapy In Snoring And Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Doctor Roy Hakala, a certified OSB practitioner in St. Paul Minnesota, provided OSB Therapy for a surgeon who was so severely affected by snoring and OSA that he was falling asleep during surgery! CPAP use actually made his condition worse and his sleep clinic referred him for OSB Therapy including an OSB oral sleep orthotic. The surgeon summed up his results of OSB Therapy in the simple phrase, "This has changed my life!"

Another example of success is from Doctor John D. Walsh, a certified OSB practitioner in Anchorage, Alaska who provided OSB Therapy for a local physician, Doctor Sandra Denton. She has stopped snoring and reports that she “noticed a number of health benefits immediately.” Doctor Denton states, “I am thrilled with the results of the Robson OSB appliance and have encouraged many of my patients to get it. One 78-year-old patient no longer requires her CPAP machine, which she had been using for two years. She also no longer snores.

Richard Simpson of Rialto, California also experienced beneficial effects as he shares, "A desire to eliminate sleep apnea brought me to Doctor Robson. Upon starting to wear a dental device I felt that my tiredness was gone. . .overnight that twenty year old pain from a right knee injury was gone. . .also gone were the pains in my lower back and under my left shoulder blade. . .I've regained that three-quarters of an inch in height that I had lost." Even greater for Richard, "Mornings, I awake feeling refreshed and able to accomplish something worthwhile, which wasn't the case before. I'm really feeling great!” Anyone who has, or is close to someone who suffers with snoring problems can appreciate these remarks.