Holistic Exam

Holistic Dentistry, sometimes referred to as Biological Dentistry, focuses on the patients' overall health. We emphasize the use of non-toxic restorative material for dental work. Our practice focuses on the often overlooked impact of hidden dental infection on a patient's entire health. We educate you as we do the dental exam, reviewing your whole health picture, then consult with you on any recommendations for improved health.

Here is a brief description of the philosophy and general holistic dental exam we provide you.

Key Benefits

We make extensive efforts to individualize your dental treatment based on your overall health needs. Whether it be as simple as a cleaning or a breadth of more extensive treatments we integrate your care to tailor your dental treatment to you. Each and every dental exam includes the following:

Complete dental clinical examination

Another important part of the Holistic Exam includes a complete oral soft tissue examination. The American Cancer Society recommends that patients get the soft tissue exam at least once a year.