Regular cleanings and check-ups are critical to good oral health, as well as to your health overall. Studies have shown that the same bacteria that causes gum disease and inflammation also causes heart disease. Kept unchecked, this bacteria travels through the body from the mouth to the heart, where the consequences can be life-threatening. Keeping your mouth healthy is as important as diet or exercise in keeping your heart healthy.

Regular check-ups also allow us to catch small problems early, when they can be treated easily and inexpensively. A small cavity left untreated can rapidly lead to significant decay within the tooth, leading to pain and much more expensive procedures down the road. Filling a small cavity costs approximately 1/10th of root canal treatment alone, and if the tooth is compromised to the point of requiring a crown, the cost is nearly double and is entirely preventable.

We recommend cleanings twice a year to keep your mouth, your heart, and your wallet healthy. Nearly every dental insurance plan covers two cleanings per year free of charge.