Oral Systemic Balance Therapy

New Approach

Oral Systemic Balance® Therapeutic Systems: A New Therapeutic Approach

From book, Snore No More, third edition by James L. Mosely

Oral Systemic Balance® Therapeutic Systems provides a new, noninvasive therapy that is based on major scientific advances resulting in a better understanding of how the body mechanisms keep the airway open and the consequences of this system breaking down.

Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) are the result of a breakdown in the body’s ability to keep the airway in the throat open. When this occurs, the tongue is able to fall back into the throat (pharynx) and either obstruct or partially obstruct the air passage which can result in snoring, OSA or a multitude of other concerns. How the tongue maintains its position in the mouth so that it does not go back into the throat is critical.

These new findings reveal more about the normal protective mechanisms of the body keeping the throat airway open so that we can easily breathe swallow and speak. The recruitment of this biologic system by Oral Systemic Balance® therapies allows snoring and OSA to be managed along with a wide variety of other symptoms including "TMJ" and many other pain conditions and agitation states. This new knowledge and therapy is the result of the work of Doctor Farrand C. Robson and is now available through certified Oral Systemic Balance® (OSB) practitioners.

This system uses oral devices that have some similarities with the dental orthotics that have been used in the treatment of snoring and OSA, however OSB therapy is quite different in that they do not solely rely on alteration of jaw position to keep the tongue from falling back into the throat. OSB Therapies address snoring and sleep apnea at the level of their origin. In doing so it also impacts other symptoms associated with the underlying system problems. Oral Systemic Balance Therapies applies new knowledge of the effect that the shapes and contours of the teeth and other oral structure have on the tongue and throat airway. In this way, snoring and OSA are better managed as breathing, swallowing, and speaking are made easier.

The magnitude of the impact of this therapy on the body can be understood when we realize that keeping the throat open is the most important body function. The physiological changes that occur as breathing, swallowing and speaking are restored are so significant that a unique and specialized evaluation and monitoring process is needed to manage the treatment and allow each person greater awareness of their symptoms and a more active role in their care.

The throat is kept open by a variety of body compensations. The most basic of these is the underlying tightness or tone of the tongue muscle when we are fully relaxed which determines how the tongue sits in the mouth, as well as the throat. There must be enough tension in tongue muscle to hold the tongue forward so that it does not fall back and block the throat airway when we are relaxed. This has important implications in the cause of snoring, OSA, and other conditions. This has not been understood prior to Doctor Robson’s work.
The modification of this muscle tone with Doctor Robson’s patented orthotics allows greater ease of the primary oral functions such as swallowing, speaking, and breathing. OSB Therapy directly alters this muscle tone by the tongue’s contact with the teeth and other structures in the mouth. This management of the muscle activity in the tongue muscle has direct application to the treatment of snoring and OSA.