Oral Systemic Balance Therapy

OSB Therapy Testimonials

What Is Being Said About OSB Therapy

"This therapeutic approach is nothing short of an historic medical breakthrough,” says Doctor Rusty McDougal, a certified OSB practitioner, following the provision of OSB care for a number of his patients.
After receiving treatment from OSB certified practitioner, Doctor Gordon D. Wagoner of Flora, Indiana, Nancy S. Cripe wrote, “I can honestly say that as long as I wear my OSB (orthotic) every night, I am totally pain free. I cannot remember the last time I took anything for pain. Previous to that day (of receiving the orthotic), I took Advil on a daily basis. I sleep much better at night and wake up feeling more rested, I do not snore, and rarely have a headache.

E.J.O. from the Southeastern USA who saw Doctor Robson for OSB therapies shares his experience with on edge feelings: "My search for release from defensive, judgmental, abrasive internal dialogue and behavior and from physical feelings of tension, stress and anxiety has spanned the past 40 or so years. . . I had driven away most friends, living somewhat in isolation, and was feeling what seemed to be the footprints of advancing time. After a series of adjustments I find myself with a feeling of great peace, no more need to fight, deep love and compassion, a sense of coming home. It is now safe to live at home in this body and be in the world. After all else had failed, this works."

After receiving OSB Therapy from a certified OSB practitioner, Doctor John Laughlin III, of Ellsworth, Wisconsin, Deb shared, “The biggest changes occurred when the OSB appliance was inserted. The first night I was taking a lot of deep breaths, my husband noticed, it was a big change for me to not be snoring, and restless. Now I’m able to breathe and get fresh air. The ‘brain fog’ has lifted. I’m able to do a lot more things. I’m a student, and studying is so much easier. The sun is brighter. I now have hope.” Doctor Robert J. Rowen heard about the life-changing results that were occurring with OSB therapies and made a point of personally and critically evaluating these reports. He recounted his first visit to Doctor Robson's office, where his best friend, Ronald MacDonald had been suffering for over thirty years from OSA. Doctor Rowen shares that, when Ron received his orthotic, "Instantly, (Ron) became more relaxed, his blood-oxygen saturation jumped five points to normal, and he exclaimed, `I can breathe!’" Additional information regarding Dr. Rowen's evaluation of OSB Therapy can be read in previous issues of Second Opinion Newsletter at www.secondopinionnewsletter.com.