Oral Systemic Balance Therapy

Patient Participation

Patient Participation in Treatment

The OSB interactive interview and diagnostic testing allows the patient to understand the source of their symptoms so that they actively can participate in their care and know that they can be well. When a patient is finally able to relax and experience the feeling of well being, they become aware of what it feels like to breathe, swallow, and speak more freely. Once this occurs, they can assess the benefit of any orthotic and actively participate in their treatment. They no longer have to maintain the same intense behaviors that they had previously needed to maintain adequate ease of breathing, swallowing and speaking.

Is It For Me?
Although evaluation by an OSB-certified dentist is needed to determine if any specific person is a candidate for this therapy, most people suffering with snoring or other sleep-related disorders and chronic head and neck pain problems will benefit from OSB therapy. One quick self-test involves body posture: If it is easier for you to breathe (swallowing and speaking may also be noticed) when you slouch, letting your head drift forward, than when you are standing tall like a soldier with your back to a wall, you will probably benefit from OSB therapy.

Extraordinary Results
The OSB diagnostic and therapeutic system was developed by Doctor Farrand C. Robson over twenty-five years of dedicated work. He evaluated jaw dysfunction and jaw related pain conditions in order to more fully understand the relationships between the jaw, teeth, throat, and the rest of the body and establish the origin of these conditions. The primary focus of Doctor Robson's work is to provide a systematic therapeutic system that can be broadly used by other practitioners to benefit the millions of people who suffer with these problems. OSB currently trains doctors around the country in this therapy and updates them on the continuing scientific and technologic advances generated by Doctor Robson.
Doctor Wayne Whitley of Fredericksburg, Virginia, a certified OSB doctor, stated that, “The innovative and original work of Doctor Farrand Robson of Oral Systemic Balance® has connected the dots for those suffering with these and related maladies and the healthcare providers seeking to assist them in their journey. My health has been optimized and I can now optimize the health of those that seek care at my office.”

Doctor Robson explains the extraordinary results that doctors and patients are seeing with OSB therapies as "the closer we are to the cause of a problem, the better and more rapid are the results of treatment." Treating the cause, instead of just the symptoms, and partnering with other practitioners including chiropractors, optometrists, neurologists, psychiatrists, and others produces profound results. Specialists are continually impressed by the way their treatment results are enhanced by OSB therapy that addresses the underlying anatomical conditions. It has always seemed unlikely that the broad list of symptoms many patients have would be the result of several independent disorders, all striking a single person at one time. OSB diagnosis helps get to the root cause of many of these disorders and OSB therapy helps resolve a whole spectrum of symptoms at once.