Marin Dental Wellness

55 La Goma Street (Upper Floor)
Mill Valley, Ca 94941

415 924 6551

Office Hours
09:00 A.M. to 05.00 P.M.
09:00 A.M. to 05.00 P.M.
09:00 A.M. to 05.00 P.M.
09:00 A.M. to 05.00 P.M.
by appointment
Closed - Except Emergencies
Closed - Except Emergencies


More Testimonials

"Caring and very thorough" - Besides a very gentle and competent Dr. Smith, having a wonderful staff of Lisa and Joann is like a breath of fresh air. I also loved all the products you carry there. They are gentle and not harsh like the commercial products we buy from drug stores, although they are a bit pricey. Of course, I loved the cotton wash clothes in the bathroom, too. Your office is definitely conscientious about the environment, and you keep in mind the patients' well-being. - by haesuky, Aug 7, 2010 - san rafael

"Yelena Mironova-Rose" - Thank you Dr. Brian for such wonderful work! I thought my 3 mollars need to get extracted and was really happy to find an option to keep them alive with the crowns instead. I know it was very challenging to restore them and I appreciate your effort and commitment to convince me to go with the crowns. As of Saturday I am pain free! For the last three months I couldn't drink a glass of water without experiencing a pain... It feels sooo good to have my teeth restored! - by yelanam, Aug 2, 2010 - boulder creek

"5 star!" - I've always hoped to find a dental team like yours! What a godsend you all are! thank you for your outstanding work! - by michelleh, Jul 31, 2010 - san rafael

"Very Pleasant" - Informative and thorough visit. Relaxed atmosphere really helps. Everyone is friendly, fun and professional. Great place. - by tomk, Jul 22, 2010 - san rafael

"So happy to have found Dental Wellness!" - Very pleased with my visits to the office. I feel relaxed and well cared for under the care of Dr. Smith!I have had my share of awful Dental experiences, I am happy to have found Marin Dental Welleness! The whole staff is a friendly, helpful and ready to please. - by jessicas, Jul 15, 2010 - san roman

"A positive expereince" - Appreciate the info about teeth care-very informative-The cleaning was very thorough-Dr. Hahn was great! - by michelef, Jul 15, 2010 - occidental

"5 stars" - you are working with Susan.... - by lucad, Jun 28, 2010 - alemeda

"Excellent!" - The visit with Dr Bryan was very efficient and effective. I like that he takes his time, and I feel very well taken care, he is DEFINITELY my dentist. - by patricias, Jun 27, 2010 - san rafael

"Friendly and knowledgeable" - A great dental wellness center without the stuffiness of most dental offices; well-rounded with family friendly layout and environmentally-concious touches that show they care for more than your teeth. - by lumielk, Jun 18, 2010 - kentfield

"5 highest." - Very clean and friendly office. I felt welcom as a old freind there,Dr. smith spend quality time to explaine what treatment is the best for me. Thank You - by sudik, Jun 15, 2010 - union city

"Highly recommend this dentist office" - A clean, soothing, friendly place to spend an hour. Not at all like the experiences I've had with dental offices in the past. Dr. Smith's office provides intelligent preventative dentistry and everyone there is looking out for you! - by shirleyc, Jun 9, 2010 - woodacre

"excellent" - high level of knowledge and skill, super friendly staff, far beyond any dental experience I have had - by laurag, Jun 2, 2010 - san anselmo

"Unexpected Excellence" - From the moment I called Dr. Smith's office until I left his office, I received superlative service. I got an appointment the same day that I called. Eaach of the staff greeted me individually, introduced themselves and were remarkably compassionate. Dr. Smith took the time to discuss my procedure in depth and educated me about the state of the art in ozone therapy. (I needed an ozone shot to kill an infection in the spot where a wisdom tooth once lived.) He showed exceptional sensitivity to my physical comfort, for which I am immensely grateful. - by dianas, May 18, 2010

"Excellent" - The competence of the dentist, Dr. Biran Smith, exceeds by far that of other dentists I have visited. I particualrly appreciate his holistic, natural approach to dentistry; a rare pearl! - anonymous, May 9, 2010

"Excellent" - Very professional staff. I felt comfortable and at ease, even for a dentist apt. The dentist has a great deal of knowledge and clearly explains this information in an easy to understand manner. - anonymous, May 8, 2010

"Too wonderful" - You guys are too good because I can't go anywhere else so have to drive 4 hrs to see you! :D - by danielles, Apr 29, 2010 - garberville

"Wonderful trip" - I have been a loyal patient of Dr. Smith for about 5-6 years, and will remain with him even though I live far away. I love that he's knowledgeable in holistic dentistry, and is passionate about it. I feel very blessed to relate so well with my dentist. - anonymous, Apr 28, 2010

"Best dental experience this lifetime, Thanks!!" - My experience at Marin Dental Wellness was better than expected, it started from the receptionist, getting me in the same day. And continued on with my visit as Dr Smith was present to my needs. My entire being felt cared for while getting my work done. The music in background, to the accupuncture stimulator helped keep my worries at bay. I am grateful that I found such a place as I know this will be one of many visits. I am happy I have you close bye and more at ease about the dental work ahead of me.. Sincerely, Regina Powers - by reginap, Apr 27, 2010 - larkspur

"The best dental experience~" - I was in a great deal of pain when I met Dr.Smith.It wasn't long before I was able to relax due to the compassionate,kind nature of Dr.Smith and his caring staff. I must say this experience changed way I feel about going to the dentist. It was the best dental experience I have ever had. I am so happy to have found the right holistic dentist. My sincere thanks go out to Dr.Smith,his wife Lisa and the wonderful caring staff at Dental Wellness. Renee Mahoney - by reneem, Apr 23, 2010 - corte madera

"excellent care" - I am thrilled to have found your dental practice. You provide excellent care in a safe and supportive environment. I would whole heartedly recommend your practice. I still can not believe it did not hurt to prepare my tooth for the crown I am getting. - by diannem, Apr 16, 2010 - san rafael

"excellent" - Friendly, caring, professional service. The best alternative dentist I've been to! Informed and skilled. Very comfortable and relaxing environment. What I had always been looking for; I'm glad to have finally found a great dentist and staff. - anonymous, Apr 13, 2010

"So responsive!" - As soon as the staff heard about my dental emergency, they sprung into action, getting me in the same day. They worked together as a team monitoring my comfort level and helping me through a pretty challenging procedure. Awesome! - by annah, Mar 30, 2010 - mill valley

"great cleaning" - They're all friendly, helpful, and give great advice. And my teeth look great! - by jenniferf, Mar 30, 2010 - sausalito

"Great Team" - Great info, friendly, informative staff - by tomk, Mar 18, 2010 - san rafael

"First Visit" - Very friendly atmosphere, forgiving me for being late, I was still apprehensive to see a dentist after a hiatus of 7 years. Dr. Smith, Lisa,JoAnn and Yuba made me feel very comfortable on my first visit. - by dianes, Mar 16, 2010 - novato

"5 stars" - I have been looking for a dental practice that I can trust and that is committed to high quality care using healthful products. You are it... Thank you for providing such great service... - by diannem, Mar 12, 2010 - san rafael

"Emergency care" - I was thrilled with the fast service I received. Everyone in the office made me feel welcome and treated me with concern. The atmosphere put me at ease. - by deborahb, Mar 2, 2010 - parker

"It's so nice to find a dentist who is interested in integrated medicine" - Dr. Smith is an excellent dentist and very thorough. It's clear he cares about your total health and takes time to explain things. The office staff is really friendly and helpful as well. I left feeling so happy I finally found a dentist like him. - anonymous Feb 18, 2010

"I love Marin Dental Wellness!" - I can't remember ever having a better experience in a dental office. From the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out, I was treated with the utmost kindness and respect. Dr. Hahn and Dr Smith both bring their holistic views of the body to what they do, and I am so grateful to have them here in Marin. - by emilyb, Feb 11, 2010 - fairfax

"miraculous" - Dr Brian has saved the day again - anonymous Feb 9, 2010

"Caring and Thoughtful" - Dr. Smith and his staff are just what I would hope a dental practice would be; they approach the problem (in this case pain) with a lot of care and thoughtfulness. Dr. Smith has a reassuring way of offering opinions while being sure to place them in the context of other opinions, giving me a much more evenhanded presentation of the options than most doctors. I admire his curiosity about cause and treatment and will be sure to go back to consider the options with him if we need more options. - by jenniferf, Jan 27, 2010 - sausalito

"renewing and wonderful" - A clean loving environment where the patient is able to make a true connection with the doctor and understand their health on an internal and wholistic level. - by hollyb, Jan 25, 2010 - arcata

"Excellent" - You made my day!!!!! I love the caring, attentive staff and Dr Brian is my new favorite dentist. - anonymous Jan 25, 2010

"great" - you are the best. i always go to sleep because i am so relaxed and in trusting good hands. - by deborahw, Jan 21, 2010 - mill valley

"excellent!" - my experience with marin dental wellness was painless,gentle and informative. - by debbieh, Jan 20, 2010 - mill valley

"Back to Good Health" - Friendly and professional at every level in a clean, uncluttered, naturaly lite atmosphere. - by hosec, Jan 14, 2010 - san francisco

"warm and fuzzy :)" - -and this about going to to the dentist! here is my "story" in a nutshell- basically I was told by my previous dentist, that I might lose the tooth she worked so hard to save- at best, maybe a crown, but even that would require shaving off 3 millimeters (ouch!) of the gum tissue- the infection I had, was not responding to the strongest of antibiotics, a root canal was already performed on this tooth, and we were at the end of the rope. But a little voice in my head said, that I shouldn't jump and have the tooth pulled, I should try and save it at all costs!- What a smart little voice I have! While I was in agony, I stumbled upon Dr. Smith, and his 'magic wand' of oxygen/ozone treatments- for that is what it seemed- Right after my first visit, and the treatment, the pain (I was suffering with for THREE MONTHS) had subsided, and subsequent visits ensured I was able to keep the tooth, and the crown could be applied without any shaving or damage to the gum tissue! Hurray!!! And this is why I keep smiling :) Thank you Dr. Smith - by zsuzsannab, Jan 8, 2010 - inverness park

"excellent" - I am so grateful to have found an alternative dentist who is personable, caring and very good! The whole staff was warm and welcoming, which makes a big difference! - by piperp, Jan 7, 2010 - mill valley

"Good discovery" - Gave me some choice, treated me like a person - not true elsewhere. - anonymous Jan 5, 2010

"Awesome" - I was able to get in as a new patient on the same day as my inquiry since there was a patient cancellation. The office runs as smooth as silk, and everyone is friendly. Dr. Smith is very informative about what he sees during the examination and explains well about the relationship to oral health and general health. I had a gentle and through cleaning and felt that I've put my teeth AND related health in the best of hands. My mouth also feels fantastic after the visit. - by annah, Jan 4, 2010 - mill valley

"friendly and painless" - Always a pleasant place to visit - by caroll, Dec 23, 2009 - sausalito

"Excellent cleaning. Great, friendly staff." - The staff at Marin Dental Wellness is friendly and welcoming. They treat you like family. The cleaning was thorough and Debbie explained to me exactly what she was doing, what she saw, and what I could do to take even better care of my teeth and gums. I highly recommend them! - by alysonb, Dec 6, 2009 - oakland

"wonderful" - Dr. Smith and his staff are warm, welcoming, and knowledgeable. If you are looking for a place in which your dental needs will be met in a safe, holistic, and innovative manner, this is the place for you! - by lindak, Dec 2, 2009 - san anselmo

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